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Authentic Turkish Jewelry is just a click away!
Authenthic Turkish jewelry is just a click away!
The Current trend of Artificial or Costume Jewellery in Pakistan

The Current trend of Artificial or Costume Jewellery in Pakistan

While Marilyn Monroe might have summed it as “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” in the 1950’s, almost 7 decades later, things might not be the same again, well at least here in South Asia. We have a rich history (literally) in Pakistan where it is perfectly normal for newlyweds, older women and even young girls to own gold and diamond jewellery and adorn their looks with their precious collections in wedding functions, parties or day to day lives. But the wheel of history is making a turn towards artificial or costume jewellery in Pakistan.

 Imitation or artificial jewellery is gaining popularity in Pakistan since the gold prices have hiked up unprecedentedly in both national and international markets and moreover artificial jewellery is preferred because of their much more fabulous and innovative designs, colors and being available in a range of varieties for both eastern and western attires. Artificial or Costume jewellery has been a part of our culture since it was more exotic as in the 1700’s it was fashioned out of glass and towards the 1800’s semi precious stones were fused into metals such as Brass, Glass, Steel, Terracotta, Clay etc. and it quickly gained huge popularity in the market.

Women in our country might view gold, diamond or other precious jewellery through another lens nowadays, which is that expensive jewellery might be less of an investment and more focus is seen towards artificial jewellery which includes, statement pieces, oversized rings, gold hoops of all sizes, dainty anklets, even jewellery symbolizing a particular monument such as the Eiffel tower, antique pieces (that will make you want to raid your grandmother’s closet!), chunky bracelets that each tell a different story, possibly symbolizing a particular culture, such as the beautiful and the rightfully celebrated Turkish culture. Be it be a breathtaking necklace inspirited by the whirling Darvaish, a Kalimah ring that seemed to be plucked out from the Ottoman court itself or a pair of pearl earrings which can take you back into the picturesque era of the Sultans! Without doubt artificial jewelley is synonymous with the contemporary style as of today and because of its diversity and its exquisiteness, it is gaining much more importance in Pakistan.

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